How to Play: You take the position of the man in the chair. You are responsible for watching over your spies to make sure that the mission succeeds (be it stealing the intelligence or taking the black money or killing all the enemies). You can only control one of your spies at a time and the spies may get bored if you don’t command them which will cause them to start doing things on their own, or they may get too fed up with your commands which will cause them to rebel. Keep your men calm and tell them to interact with their surroundings to complete the objective.

If your control bar gets too high or low, the agent will move on it's own.


Click on the map - to move the selected agent

Click on certain items - to interact

A - Attack mode (You will only attack enemies in this mode)

S - Stealth mode (If you are not seen and have stealth mode on, visibility will reset)

B - Place mine (if held)

CTRL - Increase your control bar

Click on side arrows - to switch between agents

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