In the midst of a war, two brothers with special abilities to join together into one or to share resources are recruited to get vital intel from the enemy. Solve challenges with a connection with another character. This game can be player with either 1 or 2 players.

The first four levels are sort of challenging, but I recommend playing through the whole thing since the fifth level is really fun.

NOTE: To pickup items, the currently selected item slot must be empty. Most item scanners will not trigger reveals if you have a disguise in your inventory.


Escape - Exit level

Player 1:

WASD - Player 1 Movement

Z and X - Player 1 Change Selection

Q - Player 1 Split

E - Player 1 Use Item/Interact

R - Player 1 Drop Item

Player 2:

Arrows - Player 2 Movement

/ - Player 2 Split

, and . - Player 2 Change Selection

SPACE - Player 2 Use Item/Interact

M - Player 2 Drop Item

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