BlastFort is a free-to-play multiplayer side-scrolling shooter! With a wide selection of weapons and unique special items, gameplay is fun for everyone! Fight along side your friends in Classic Mode, challenge your friends to a duel in Arena Mode, or play a unique game set with Soccer Mode! Use your weapons and special items to get as far as possible before AI takes over! Available on Desktop, Steam, Mobile, and online!

BlastFort offers three unique multiplayer modes and up to 10 players in multiplayer matches for everyone to enjoy in their own way, while still using the same base mechanics! Classic mode spawns endless waves of enemies that get progressively harder! Arena mode pits you against up to 9 other players in a free-for-all fight to see who is the last one standing! And soccer mode puts players into two teams to see who can take supremacy over the soccer field and get more goals than the opponent(s)!

BlastFort also offers 20 unique items/weapons, and tens of unlockable/purchasable player skins! Fight off robots with a heavy Minigun! Blast them with a laser beam with the powerful Beacon Gun! Freeze enemies in place with the Sub-Zero Rifle! Use special items, like the Teleporter to get out of tricky situations! Or the Machine Turret to guard some area for you!

A device/browser with WebGL/Chrome Hardware Acceleration is highly recommended as it greatly improves performance and quality of the game. Lag in multiplayer games may occur if your or the host's network connection is slow or if your or the host's device aren't powerful enough.

To use promo codes/keys/receipts, upload the .orncde file in the settings menu of the game. Please note that receipts are only claimable in the desktop NW.js and web HTML versions of the game. If a promo code does not work or has expired, you may try changing your device's clock to the date that is named on the file.

Music by ANTI

Content Expansion/DLC:

BlastFort Knight's Shield DLC


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Exclusive content

Support this game at or above a special price point to receive something exclusive.

Exclusive 'Great Knight' Skin

Get the exclusive Great Knight skin for BlastFort. (This is only usable on the desktop versions of the game)

Design a Custom Skin

Design your own skin to be put in game for other players to obtain! You choose the theme and design a rough sketch, and we'll help bring it to reality! Just make sure it fits our content guidelines and the guidelines of the platforms the game is available on, and we will improve it and bring it to the base game.

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Hey. I played your game and recorded it on a video. If you want me to delete the video, let me know. Anyway, I enjoyed playing it.

Thanks for taking a look at my game!

I had fun. :D


I like it! I sent you some comments on the alive drive discord


Cool game!