Official Launch Date! 1.4.0.X

Hey everyone!

We are pleased to announce that finally, BlastFort, the game we've been working on for a few months is now available as a full release! Currently the game is available on Windows, Mac, Linux, HTML, and Android, but we are looking into expanding further. Unfortunately, we cannot publish to iOS at this time due to the immense costs, however iOS users can still play the online HTML version of the game. With the full release version 1.4.0.X, we are excited announce the following new features added to the game since the public beta.

  • Skins! Show off your style with 30+ custom skins available in-game that can be unlocked from collection coins in matches, or from new achievements, special events, and even a few for people that donate $5 or more on this page (see the rewards page). We are planning on adding several more skins over time to give more customization and expand to more events and holidays.
  • A completely re-done UI! We've redone most of the UI elements in-game to optimize for touch-screen devices, and we've also made some final touches, polishing different menus to make the game feel as complete as possible. If you notice anything wrong with the UI or you'd like to help us, let us know!
  • New weapons! We've added two new weapons, the flame-thrower and the sniper-rifle to make gameplay more varied! Flame-throwers set enemies on fire, providing damage over time, and sniper-rifles deal heavy damage, but have small bullet magazines.
  • New items! We've added three new items, including short-term invisibility to hide from enemies in classic mode and from players in arena mode! Be wary; Particle effects are still visible if you are on fire, giving off your location. We have also added a drone item, that will help you in battle and shoot at enemies nearby to you. In soccer mode it will also shoot the ball towards the net for you! The machine turret is a variation of the existing rocket turret that shoots bullets instead of rockets, extremely useful for defense against enemies.
  • High-fidelity graphics! We've redone most of the textures to ensure that all sprites in-game are high-resolution, and don't result in weird screen blur.
  • Universal webfonts! We've made our fonts consistent throughout the entire game, to ensure a smooth and consistent experience!
  • Maps! We now have 5 unique maps, each with their own layout and special features. These include the Vast Desert which contains dangerous lava and an ancient temple, the Lush Plains for simplistic gameplay with a challenge, the Dark Caves with a special teleportation gimmick, and for our hard-core players, the Hell Scape.
  • Achievements! Complete a variety of different goals and achievements, to help you progress in-game!
  • Bug fixes! (There were so many bugs. I have nightmares thinking about the bugs now.)

If you wish to help with the game,  let us know! We are constantly looking for new ideas. We are also looking towards localization, so if you can fluently write in another language (not English) let us know! If you also have ideas on how to improve accessibility, please contact us as we are in the process of making the game easily playable by everyone.

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Loved the game! I wish there were people to play it with to give it more of a try, maybe i will check out my discord and see if anyone wants to give it a go =) Keep up the amazing work and left a follow! Your game starts at 9:35 in the video!

Thanks! Great to hear you loved it! I spent a long time wprking on it.

I can only imagine lol I hope it does well =D